Open Block Fields

Open block fields are open areas where users can add blocks. Block fields use the same LayoutEngine grid-based layout system that is used in pages and posts.

Specify open block fields using the Squarespace Block Field tag:

<squarespace:block-field id="blockField1" columns="12"/>

Each block field must have a unique id. The columns attribute can currently be set to 1 or 12. It is usually best to set this to 12, but you can set it to 1 where you want to limit the user to a single column of blocks.

Locking a Layout

A locked layout allows developers to place system blocks on a site without giving front-end users the ability to add additional blocks or change the layout. Front-end users will still have to ability to edit content.

Add lock-layout="true" to any block field to lock the layout.

<squarespace:block-field id="blockField1" columns="12" lock-layout="true"/>

Customizing Blocks

We currently do not support customizing the HTML markup of our system blocks.