Set Up Your Template

Building a custom website from scratch will really show you what the Squarespace Developer Platform can do. Give yourself a jump-start by using Base Template. Its minimal code provides a solid foundation for learning.


Enable Developer Mode

Whether you’re starting from scratch with Basic or working with an existing consumer template, you’ll need to enable Developer Mode to access the template files. In the Site Manager, navigate to Settings -> Advanced -> Developer Mode. At the top right corner, there is a toggle that is set to off. Set it on and save.


Set Up Your File Management


protocol: sftp
port: 2030

host/server: dev.squarespace.com
remote path: /site-name/
username: account email address
password: account password


Open your terminal and type in the command below. Substitute `site-name` with your site’s unique identifier. For more in-depth instructions, see Using Git.

git clone https://site-name.squarespace.com/template.git site-name

You’re good to go!


Your Developer enabled trial account will not expire, so take all the time you need to experiment and develop the site you really want.