Initial Setup

You are three steps away from being the (web)master of your domain.

1. Choose a Starting Point

If you've already started a Squarespace site and you'd like to turn developer mode on, skip this step.

Start with one of the 20+ templates created by Squarespace's designers. These templates have loads of style options built-in, allowing you to achieve a high quality design quickly.

You can also start with the developer base template, which features very minimal styles for creating a completely custom template.

Start with a Squarespace Template | Start with the Developer Base Template

2. Register as a Developer

If you haven't already registered as a developer with your account, you must register yourself to gain access to the source code behind Squarespace templates. Instructions for registering can be found below.

Log-in to your Squarespace site.

Once you're logged in you will see the configuration panel of your Squarespace site. It should look something like the screenshot to the right.

The Squarespace config.

Edit your profile.

In the bottom right corner of the configuration panel you should see the name of your site in vertical letters, as well as a sentence that says "You are [Your Name]." Click on your name. A dialog box will popup. In that dialog there is a box that says "edit profile." Click on the edit profile link.

Hit "Edit Profile" to access your Squarespace profile information.

Fill out the developer form.

In your profile there will be a tab titled "Developer." Click on that tab and you will see a button that says "Register as a Developer." That button leads to a form that asks for some basic information about you.

Once you fill out that form you will have access to developer mode on all Squarespace templates.

Hit the "Register as a Developer" button to access the form.

3. Enable Developer Mode

Once you've registered as a developer, go to the developer section of your website settings. You can find this by clicking on the gear icon and finding the "Developer" section in the menu.

At the top of the page there is a toggle that is set to off. Click on the toggle to enable developer mode.

Once enabled, the developer section has information for connecting to your site via Git or SFTP.

Connecting with Git

git clone

See our guide to using Git for additional details.

Connecting with SFTP

protocol: sftp
port: 2030

remote path (initial folder): /site-name/

username: your account email address
password: your account password

See our Answers site for help and troubleshooting SFTP connections.