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Inventory API Overview

Current Version: 1.0

The Inventory API provides access to product variant stock levels. Using this API, you can read and write stock levels for product variants that can be tracked, with support for incremental and decremental adjustments in addition to setting specific stock quantities.

Note that access to full product variant information will be provided in a future API. In the near future, orders retrieved via the Orders API will provide the variant id associated with each order line item.

Which Variants Can Be Tracked?

This API only provides access to variants whose stock levels can be tracked. Therefore, only physical and service products are exposed through this API. Any other products, such as gift cards, digital products, and subscriptions are not exposed.

Inventory Item Resources

An inventory item returned by this API has the following characteristics:

  "variantId": "185db2da-c3cf-47f3-8aff-0485082792a5",
  "sku": "OO-DEC-GRN",
  "descriptor": "Extra Virgin Olive Oil w/ Decanter [Green]",
  "isUnlimited": false,
  "quantity": 34
  • variantId: The identifier for the variant backing the inventory item's information.
  • sku: A custom code assigned to a product variant by a Squarespace merchant for the purposes of stock keeping.
  • descriptor: A generated description using the product’s title and any available variant parameters including, but not limited to, color and size.
  • isUnlimited: Indicates whether stock is currently tracked for this variant.
  • quantity: The current amount in stock, or the last known amount in stock prior to becoming unlimited. This value is modified by purchases and returns only if the variant is not unlimited.

These fields will be non-null for every inventory item.