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Get Started

Error Reporting

Good error reporting is essential when building and debugging templates. This page explains how to find errors in your template and CSS files.

CSS Errors

CSS errors (usually LESS processing errors) will be printed at the bottom of the compiled /site.css file found at your sites root. Scroll down to the end of the file to see any error messages. If your site suddenly appears to be rendering with no styles, it is a good time to check your site.css.

CSS Oops Error

LESS Errors are returned in the compiled site.css file at the root of your site

Template Structure Errors

Template file errors (mostly errors in misformatted template configuration files) can be viewed in the Developer tab.

Template Structure Error

Template Structure Errors are returned in the Developer tab.

JSON-T Errors

Squarespace also reports JSON-T related errors on your front end site directly in a solid black screen. Lower impact JSON-T errors may show in your sites code, rendered inside a comment labeled SQUARESPACE_JSONT_ERROR.

JSON-T Black Screen Error

JSONT Errors are hard to miss... they return a black screen of death on the pages they affect.