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JSON-T Helpers

Helpers are custom-made JSON-T Formatters that expand into a pre-formatted section of code specifically for a Squarespace site.

These tags are used in collection template files (.list, .item). The @ symbol in the code samples refers to the local scope, so these code samples can be used inside of a {.section item} or {.repeated section items}. Alternatively, if you're working on an item page the @ symbols can be replaced by the word item.

Item Classes


Adds useful item-specific classes (ex. author, category, tag, etc.).

Share Button


Includes pre-built share button that can be configured in the 'Share Button' tab.



Includes pre-built comments that can be configured in 'General' settings tab.


Injects <a href="link-to-comments" class="sqs-comment-link" data-id="itemId">[X] Comments</a> or Disqus comment text

Comment Count


Generates pluralized comments message (ex. '3 Comments'), or 'No Comments'.

Squarespace Simple Like Button


Includes pre-built simple like button that can be configured in 'General' settings tab.

Image Attributes


Used to add attributes to an image tag (focal point data, image source, original image dimensions).

Product Price


Injects the price of an item in a products collection. This tag also formats the price into a currency format.

Product Variants, Quantity, Add to Cart Button


Pulls in the variants, quantity, and add to cart button for products.