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Static Pages

A developer can create a Static Page in a Squarespace site as a way to build a page that requires features that may not be available in the CMS or rely on an external service not already integrated into Squarespace.

Note: .page files are a special type of collection that do not have data of their own and cannot be modified within the Squarespace CMS by an end user.

Creating a Static Page

A /pages directory in template files is able to store static HTML pages. In Squarespace, these are a special type of collection that do not have CMS data of their own and for this reason, cannot be modified within the Squarespace interface by the end user. Not all Squarespace templates feature a /pages directory by default, but it will be automatically recognized by our system when added.

  • [filename].page - HTML markup for a page. (JSON Template)
  • [filename].page.conf - Contains configuration settings for a page. (JSON)


A .page is formatted as static HTML. The markup defined in your .page will render within the main content area of your site. Therefore, global structure tags (like head and body) do not need to be defined here. Though Pages are not editable in the CMS, they will appear in your site’s Pages panel and can be added dragged into your Site Navigation.


To create a .page , a corresponding .page.conf must also be created. The .page.conf defines the title and description — most helpful for describing page contents to the end user in the content editing interface.

    "title" : "Static Page Title",
    "description" : "Brief description of the static page, helps to explain the page contents since it cannot be viewed or edited within the CMS"