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What Can I Do With Squarespace Commerce APIs?

With Squarespace Commerce APIs, you can build applications that manage data from your Squarespace store. HTTP endpoints are provided which allow you to:

  • Retrieve orders
  • Update orders with fulfillment information
  • Retrieve product variant stock levels
  • Update stock levels using incremental and decremental adjustments
  • Set finite stock levels for product variants
  • Mark product variants as having unlimited stock

These APIs are built on HTTP and are designed in accordance with REST principles. All request and response body content is represented using JSON. We use HTTP features such as authentication, standard verbs, and standard status codes. All API endpoints are served from https://api.squarespace.com/<version>.

Important Notes on Versioning and Compatibility

Each API has an independent version number, which can be found their respective overviews. Versions are specified in the URL path, e.g. https://api.squarespace.com/1.0/commerce/orders.

We may add bug fixes, new features, fields, and values to these APIs from time to time in a way that preserves backwards compatibility. Develop your application to permit new keys to be added to objects without breaking. Breaking changes will only be introduced in a new, numbered version, and shouldn't affect your integration. For example, version 1.2 would introduce some breaking changes to version 1.1.

In general, we'll support legacy API versions for a long time. Supported legacy versions will be documented per API, including the information you'll need to upgrade your applications quickly.